This step refers quite simply to you deciphering the wealth of opportunities and then meeting with any of the staff of Affluent Homes, Ltd. to have an open dialogue with the possibilities you envision and what part you would like our company to play in your future.


Our process in doing business is very simple:  Determining what people really want and finding a way to help them get it.  For that to happen, you have to believe that we won’t try to put any pressure on you to do anything, except that which is in your best interests, as determined by you.  If Affluent Homes, Ltd., is unable to provide what, in your mind, you really want, we’ll tell you and help you find an alternative and part friends.


If we decide to do business together, we’ll be involved in your project for some time in the future and since all our work from planning, finance through to construction is backed by a guarantee of satisfaction, we want you to be comfortable with who we are and what we do, and we’ll want to be comfortable with knowing EXACTLY what you want and coming to a clear written understanding of how to achieve that together.


That’s it – the STEP BEYOND