Advantages & Benefits of Myriad Opportunities and Options


Okay, so we have peaked your interest and boost your commitment in owning a piece of "the rock."  Before we go too much further, let’s see if we can narrow things into some categories that will help you decide which of several approaches to having your own place in this corner of paradise fits you.


Not only do we help you in a number of ways to help you finance your dream, we have a number of options as to how your dream can be tailored to meet your specific requirements …let’s list a few:


1. Large or small we can build a million dollar mansion or for as little as US$1,200 per month get you into one of the following options or something else you like better:

2. Individually or shared ownership

3. Build to suit

4. Eco-friendly designed

5. Smaller, unfurnished or already fully or partially furnished, apartment-sized units


As you can see, we have a rather large box of different options from which to choose.  More importantly, we are able to think outside of our box and listen to your ideas.  I want to point out two things related to our flexibility to meet your needs: One, if you have a business in another country such as Canada or the U.S. and looking for ways to reward employees or loyal customers with a week or two in a place the business owns – there are all sorts of tax advantages from the depreciation side of things to being able to use it as a deductible expense.  Your accountant is your best source for more information on the tax benefits for your particular business.


Two; could be shared ownership of a unit among family members or close friends – one approach that is useful is for our company, Affluent Homes, Ltd., to manage your property for you – by putting it into a vacation rental pool when you or other shared owners are not using it.  In this way you are not only building equity in a place of your own, but getting a return on your investment.  These, again, are just our ideas.  We are known for our flexibility, and what we endeavor to do for everyone with whom we do business is make it a pleasant and satisfactory transaction... as some refer to it WIN/WIN!


Now, please click on the tab “step 3” and let’s see what’s next.  Shall we?