Have you ever dreamed of having your own place on a tropical island? Do you dream of the CHARM, TRANQUILITY AND JOY… OF A PLACE IN THE SUN THAT YOU CALL YOUR OWN?


THEN… Give us the opportunity of showing you how we can convert your dream to an AFFORDABLE AND LUXURIOUS PIECE OF NEVIS, THE QUEEN OF THE CARIBBEAN!  But before you create that premeditated YES answer, please click and watch the video above of our affiliate construction company (BEYOND HOMES, LTD.) that will fulfill your dream(s).  Further, for professional and legal guidance, AND additional comfort to fulfilling your dreams, feel free to visit our partnering legal firm by clicking Merchant Legal Chambers.  Then come back and continue reading.  


Well, you are back!  Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful home on this Caribbean Island?  'Owning a home is a keystone of wealth…both, financial affluence and emotional security.'  Realty is one of the safest investments with guaranteed returns in terms of appreciation.  Futhermore, owing and house is an easy savings plan: We, as millennials, and owing a home tend to curtail our lavish and unnecessary spending.  Finally, capital gains:  Putting out on rent a house in which you don't plan to stay in will serve as extra income or supplement the interest payout.

Our company, Affluent Homes, Ltd. is located on the beautiful tropical island of Nevis.  We are offering "house and land" packag deals in our most prestigious area called Governor's Terrace Heights, located in the Braziers area of St. John's Parish.  Yes, we have done the assessments and appraisals... and guess what... after completion of your home, the market value will be at minimum TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT (25%) above the construction cost.  We guarantee that!  (CLICK HERE to see our partnering construction company at its best.)

Why are we different from the other developers:  If a house is part of your dream, then the design should also be.   Hence, while we can provide you with some of our two and three bedrooms existing plans, your first choice of design will be modeled from your personal ideas of a home you wish to call your own.  From concept to completion is our duty and/or obligation to you.  Our goal is to satisfy.  Together, nothing is impossible.  First, see if our development would be a fit for you.  Then, let’s talk… it won’t cost you a thing, and if you have just the dream and not enough money to bring it to reality… well, we will find the perfect lender for you.

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